Hi KCC Members 

The Club has had a GDPR policy since it 2018 and is a condition of taking out or renewing your KCC membership that the GDPR policy is accepted. (there is Radio box in the British Cycling website prior to paying your KCC membership) 
The data collected by the new Spond App (for booking Club Rides) is handled by the Club in the same manner (GDPR) as is done with data collect via the British Cycling or Sportive Kinross. 

The Spond App used for KCC members to book places on Club Runs has a Visibility setting where you can either ...

  • Hide visibility of your phone number and email from all members except the Spond Admins
  • Allow visibility to everyone in the group.

By default the App allows visibility to everyone in the group.

If you wish to hide visibility follow these steps before doing so please recognise that if you have a a crash or health issue whilst out with the club, it would be more difficult to reach your emergency contact

  1. Open App
  2. On bottom row click "groups" icon (looks like two people)
  3. Click the Kinross Membership Group Icon
  4. Click the 3 dots circle
  5. Within Select Only visible for Administrators
  6. Click back arrow twice which takes you out of group settings

Graham Millar