Club Memberships


Joining Us ?  (New Members)  

The Membership Secretary will be able to advice which Club run suits your ability plus they will "look out" for you when you you apply for Club access to Spond and FB Members (closed group) 

Kinross Cycling Club is predominantly an adult cycling club. Juniors aged 13 to under 18 are welcome but ONLY when accompanied on Club Rides and events events by a parent or responsible adult. Unfortunately Ride Captains/Leaders, unless they are the Juniors parent, do not qualify as a responsible adult.

Juniors also require Parental Consent before memberships can be approved. Please contact the club using the Membership Secretary Webmail link beforehand.

Adults membership costs £10 per annum (plus a £1 British Cycling admin fee, which is non-refundable)

Junior membership  costs £5 per annum (plus a £1 British Cycling admin fee, which is non-refundable)


How to Join the Club

Step 1 contact the club membership Secretary via this webmail link Membership Secretary so that they know you wish to join and can approve you in the following statges

Step 2 Click this link to pay your KCC Membership Fee (via Scottish cycling). Scottish Cycling will email you that they have charge an Admin fee of £1, then after the KCC Membership Secretary has approved you, they will receive another email from SC saying you have been approved as a KCC Member. 

(please note you do NOT have to be a member of British Cycling (BC) to become a member of KCC. We use British Cycling to handle the payments for which they charge you the £1 admin fee)


Step 3 Once you have been approved, the Membership Secretary will email you a Link to the Spond App which contains the KCC Group Code. Spond is used to book all KCC related events including Club Rides.  Once you have downloaded the Spond App and created your account, The membership Secretary will approve you. Futher details on Spond can be found here Spond instructions. 

Step 4 (Optional) If you use Facebook the club has a two FB pages, one is for KCC Members only and which has more information regarding club rides. Search "KCC Members" and after selecting "request to join", the Membership Secretary will approve you. 


Renewing KCC Memberships (2021)

Everyone who was a KCC member from the AGM 2020 to the AGM 2021 has been given automatic free membership for this year, as a way of compensating them for the limited club runs last year. It is recognised though that someone may wish not to be a member of KCC and if so, please contact the Membership Secretary via email or Webmail asking to be removed for the current members list.




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