The club strongly recommends that during the winter months its members add Mudguards to their bikes when going out on club runs. This is the time of the year that the roads are dirtier due to soil and clay from saturated fields having made its way on the road.

Once the Clocks go back (29th Oct 2017) KCC members should have mudguards fitted for all any Club organised Sat / Sun runs.

Riding behind someone who's back wheel is spraying you with mud is not very pleasant, inconsiderate and can be dangerous with regards having to watch for traffic. We feel this is good manners and the correct etiquette for our club.

Fitting mudguards to road bike which do not have the clearance under the brake calipers is less of a problem these days. SKS make three quarter length mudguards that "butt" up to your brake calipers and are solid enough to avoid the annoying rubbing that mudguards in general used to make. An alternative is to buy a relatively inexpensive bike which can take full mudguards thus saving your expensive summer bike from all that road salt and mud.

In addition the club strongly recommends that its members fit front and rear lights to their bikes. The club run may start in dry light conditions, but it can easily become very wet or dark even during the day. The main objective is for drivers to see you in reduced visibility.