***  Kit NEWS ***

Club colours are purple and yellow, and we have a range of kit, available in a couple of options.

Twice yearly we open a batch order with Endura, usually in spring and going into autumn.

Members look out for the messages posted to Spond, the Facebook group and other channels at these times. Typically an order is open for a couple of weeks before it is made up (subject to item minimums) and dispatched directly from Endura. Usually this option saves a little on our Nopinz option below.

We have a limited amount of stock from previous orders, and previous suppliers. This is offered at a discount as we no longer want to hold a stock of kit. Please contact the Kit Manager for details.

We have an on-demand supplier nopinz. Nopinz offer a full range of kit, more specific items such as skin suits, and are able to fulfil individual orders as they are received. Because of this nopinz typically is a little more costly than the batch option above, but is available at any time, and has more options that are not subject to order minimums. The nopinz store is https://nopinz.com/product-category/club-nopinz/kinross-cc/

If you have any questions or comments please contact our Kit Manager Fran Tierney using the Webmail below, or click kitmanager@kinrosscyclingclub.co.uk 


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