The club has two hardshell bike boxes that members can request loan of for overseas trips.

Box one

  • Red
  • Suitable for; bikes without removing handlebars, bikes with larger tyres, gravel, TT and MTBs.
  • BikeBoxAlan Tri Aero Easyfit

Box two

  • Grey
  • Suitable for; most bikes with handlebars removed, some gravel and MTBs.
  • BikeBoxAlan Premium Plus

Loans are coordinated through a calendar, broadly first-come first-served, but to safeguard club property there are one or two guidelines and details to cover. And a returnable deposit is required to ensure prompt return and damage.

A "reservation" won't be accepted without proof of travel booking - as we don't want block or speculative reservations.

To inquire about using one of the bike boxes for your next trip use the form below to send a message to the coordinator, who will respond with more details.

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