Club Members are not insured through the club when out of the club rides, only the club is insured for claims against it.

Therefore we highly recommend that our club members take out 3rd party liability insurance with an independant body or company.

3rd Party Insurance covers you If you are involved in an incident causing injury or property damage that was (or is alleged to have been) your fault your insurance cover may indemnify you in respect of the legal costs of defending a third party claim and any resulting damages awarded against you.

If you become a member of either British Cycling or Cycling UK (formally known at the Cycling Tourist Club CTC), you will have 3rd Party Insurance included as part of you membership.

In the case of British Cycling it is included when taking out their Race Gold,  Race Silver or Ride membership only

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British Cycling 3rd Party Insurance

CyclingUK 3rd Party Insurance