This is a new run which was started in 2016. The ride will be every Saturday morning at a more relaxed pace than the Saturday Bun Run. This ride would be Great for people who are wishing to make that first step to joinging a cycling club.

This Social Run was previously called "Womens Day" and later the "Beginners Ride"

Details are

  • Philip our founder Social Ride leader is recovering from a health issue, so during his recovery the ride leader will be rotated each week
  • Meet at the Loch Leven Community Campus
  • Departure time 09:30
  • Average speeed approx 10 to 13 mph
  • Cafe stop en route which is great for making that social contact, making your day a better experience

If you have concerns that you will be holding people up... take our word for it everyone who has joined the club has had the same concerns but no one will be dropped and we believe you will go home saying that you loved you day out

Our experienced Ride leader will look after you !





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