David Haining is your Ride Captain this Sunday 16th Jan




A wee trip ‘Doon the Watter!’


An anti clockwise route heading to Yetts- Dollar-Forrestmills-Clackmannan-2 Bridges-Culross-Oakley-Saline-Cleish-Campus

50miles and 2767ft of accent


Weather looks reasonable, dry sunny intervals 8degC and a 10mph SW wind (tailwind home!)


Please sign up using the **Spond** App.


Usual Sunday rules apply, group riding and supporting each other throughout, regrouping along the way and no one gets dropped.


As you’re aware we still have to adhere to the ever-changing Gov Covid-19 restrictions. We have a duty and a responsibility as a club to adhere to the current group cycling guidelines for our club members and members of the public that we may come into contact with.


**Rollout out from LLCC at 9:30 am**.

Saturday 18th December, 10 - 11:30am

Fife Cycle Park, Lochgelly

Have some fun on your bike; pit yourself against your mates and meet some new folk too, be a bit sociable.
You might have won an award?
There will be home baking to raise funds for a local charity (bring a flask).

Let’s have a good turnout for this one! Come and join us for an end of year session at FCP. Our coach Martin Harris will ensure everyone enjoys some outdoors fitness training through a series of activities such as Australian pursuit races and other handicap races. Suitable for all abilities and speeds.

After the session we will have home baked cake (donations to charity) and awards presentation. You might have won an award so please come! As well as GP series awards we have special awards for contributions to the club. Bring your own flask.

The small cost helps to cover the cost of the venue hire and coach. Feedback from previous sessions has been great, and we look forward to seeing you this year.

RSVP on Spond.

Winter is here so are the dark nights and chilly mornings, so we're restarting the midweek virtual rides (from 3rd November). Details are regularly posted in the member's Facebook Group of these and ad-hoc member group rides - if you're not on Facebook drop us a message over on the contact form (recipient: Web Manager).

Midweek Meetup

Wednesday night around 7pm. Typically a Zwift group meetup on alternating courses. We use Discord for group voice chat, and it's a leisurely spin with the keep-together option on. Don't have Zwift, just join us at the same time on Discord for the chatter and spin in your own virtual world.

For a Wednesday Zwift invite; follow "Richard Sanderson (ZRScot)" and request an invite on the Spond event, or by pinging a message on the contact form.

Ad-hoc Member Group Rides

Rides are posted by any member in the Facebook Group, and WhatsApp group. Ping for access to those groups if you don't have them already.

Apps and Tools


Rides are meetups with an organiser. You need to follow the organiser on Zwift, and ping them to be sent an invite. Try to do this well in advance of the ride because it requires the organiser to receive the notification and send out the invite. Late join is possible, but the invites must be sent in advance.

Zwift meetup screenshot

Rides can have the keep-together option on which keeps members of the group together on the screen regardless of power output. Sometimes this is switched off, for example if focussing on a climb and wishing to tackle it at individual pace.

It is possible to do a workout and attend a group ride on Zwift. Join the group ride, then navigate to the menu and choose your workout. If your workout is longer than the ride when the group finishes you will continue the rest of your workout. If your workout is shorter than the group ride you will be in the group as normal once the workout finishes. This is great if you're navigating a training plan and want to join the social rides too!

Zwift requires the Zwift app, which is usually on laptop, tablet, or Apple TV. There is also a Companion app which runs on your phone that helps with receiving meetup invites, joining events and in-game text chat.

Zwift requires a monthly subscription after the limited free trial.


Rides on RGT are group rides unless advertised differently. There is no keep together option and it is up to the group to keep together or not.

RGT screenshot

RGT allows the organiser to create a course based on the GPX of a real-world route. We've done the Loch Leven TT, and Hilly TT courses. The distance and elevation profile matches what you would find in the real world, but the graphics are generated - there's no way for them to know to put a loch on your left hand side for the Loch Leven TT route for example.

RGT requires two apps, a mobile app and a screen app. They work together, your turbo and sensors connect to the mobile app, and the mobile app connects to the screen app to show you the virtual world. Mobile app is available for Apple and Android devices. Screen app is available for PCs and some tablets. See getting started on the RGT website.

RGT has free and paid tiers. Free is sufficient to ride our group rides and some of their regular courses.


The club uses Discord to power group voice chat while on many of the meetups. Apps are available for most devices, but we usually find the mobile app with a set of earphones the best. See the meetup Facebook Group post or ping us for the Discord invite link. Discord is free.

Just join us option

Nevermind having a Zwift subscription, or juggling RGT apps, join our Discord channel at the allotted time for the meetup chat and spin whatever setup you have.

Below is the list of Lead Organisers for our Saturday Rides which are open to KCC Members Only. During the current Covid Tiers, the rides are not open to Guest Riders

For anyone interested in joining the club, please click the "Join the Club" icon which will take you the membership page. 

Date Saturday for Perth & Kinross members Saturday for Fife members
 10-04-2021  Paul Zarb & Bruce Moffet [Gravel Ride]  Janet Kerr 
 17-04-2021  Lindsay Arnott   Maggie Shearer (Freuchie)
 24-04-2021  Jane Timperley  Tony Crombie (Cupar)
  Single Saturday Club Run  
   For All Members Alternative Option (for all Members)
 01-05-2021  Graham Millar  
 08-05-2021  Kirsteen Ross  
 15-05-2021  Kathryn Baker  
 22-05-2021  Paul Zarb  
 29-05-2021  Tony Crombie  Coaching @ Fife Cycle Park
 05-06-2021  Graham Millar  
 12-06-2021  Janet Kerr  
 19-06-2021  Kirsteen Ross Coaching Cancelled
 26-06-2021  Tony Crombie  
 01-06-2021  Thursday Evening Coaching @ Fife Cycle Park
  Social Run Lead Organiser Bun Run Ride Organiser
 03-07-2021  Paul Zarb  Colin Farrell
 10-07-2021  Maggie Shearer  Dorothy Findlay
 17-07-2021  Kathryn Baker  Tony Crombie
 24-07-2021  Neil Curr  Colin Farrell
 31-07-2021  Tony Crombie  Kirsteen Ross
 07-08-2021  Jane Timperley  Hazel Golda 
 14-08-2021  Paul Zarb  Fran Tierney
 21-08-2021  Neil Curr  Dorothy Finlay
 28-08-2021  Kathryn Baker  Derek Cobb
 04-09-2021  Paul Zarb  
 11-09-2021  Kathryn Baker  Tony Crombie
 18-09-2021  Neil Curr  Dorothy Finlay
 25-09-2021  Kirsteen Ross  Paul Zarb
 02-10-2021  Graham Millar  Dorothy Finlay
 09-10-2021  Neil Curr  Tony Crombie
 16-10-2021  Bruce Moffet  Paul Zarb
 23-10-2021  No Run as Winter Coaching is on  Tony Crombie
 30-10-2021  No Run as Winter Coaching is on  Bruce Moffet
  Single Saturday Club Run 
 06-11-2021  Kathryn Baker
 13-11-2021  Tony Crombie
 20-11-2021                                                                   Also Winter Coaching @ Fife Cycle Park
 27-11-2021  Dorothy & Pete Gravel / MTB ride




KCC Club Rides & GP Series Rides must be Pre-Booked Using the Spond App. (do not just turn up)

Contact Membership Secretary for the required Spond KCC Group Code  


Spond App on Android Google Play

Spond App on iPhone Apple Store



  1. Contact the membership secretary asking for the KCC Spond Group Code, who will provide you it, if you are a KCC member
  2. Download the Spond APP for your device (Android / Apple), See links above.
  3. Create your new account. (it would be a good idea to use the same email address that you use for the KCC membership)
  4. When asked for a Group Code enter the code given to you by the Club's Membership Secretary
  5. The Membership Secretary will be notified and will approve your Spond group membership request
  6. After that you will be able to see invites to KCC Club Events rides, such as Club Rides, GP Series TT's, Winter training and Virtual Cycling on Zwift and RGT Cycling
  7. Please when invited select either attend or decline so that the Organsier knows one way or the other your intensions.
  8. If you later change your mind, please use the Spond App to change your decision.
  9. If you are on the waiting list for outdoor Club Rides please not NOT attend the club runs unless you are informed (via the App) that a space has become available for you.

To be fair to all your club mates (again for outdoor rides), we ask members not to "book and decide later" if they are really going or not. Please only book if you are a reasonably sure you will attend.


KCC Committee




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