The nights are getting darker and the Grand Prix series is over.  It is time to work on developing good strength and condition now for the year ahead.  We have organised a great training programme once again, with expert fitness instructor Joanna Waz.  The 2 hour session will commence at 1930hrs with a bar fit class that lasts for 1 hour.  This exercise class is a high energy strength and conditioning class which is also open to Joanna's regular customers.  We have around 8 places available to us each week (sometimes more): look out for the weekly Facebook post to register attendance.  At 2030 we have an hour of circuit training exclusive to the cycling club, with the circuit designed to benefit cycling specific fitness. Cost is £3 to members and £5 to non-members.

The class is held at the Dance Connect studio on Junction Road Kinross.

Synergy Cycles