Question: How do you resolve the increasing problem of there not being enough Volunteers to run the Sportive Kinross. ?

Answer ?: Apply a change to the "Membership Entry" to include a clause where a Member must volunteer once in three years

This is a reminder to KCC members (news perhaps to some ?) that there was a change to the entry conditions for the 2017 Sportive Kinross and for future years.

Due to the small number of people volunteering to help run the sportive in recent years, a proposal was suggested in Jan 2017 that KCC members must volunteer once in a "rolling" three years period, to allow them to take part in any future Sportive Kinross.

This proposal was included in the AGM Agenda (posted on website 26th Feb), and was voted on and passed by those who attended the AGM on the 1st March. The minutes for the AGM are on the website under Members > AGM Meetings

As the 2017 Sportive was after the AGM vote, a list of the volunteers at the 2017 sportive has been taken as they have already completed their “1 in 3” role.

The KCC Members Only email containing the link for entry to the 2018 Sportive will be sent out on or just after the 1st Sept. This is one months advanced notice ahead of the General Entries opening on the 1st Oct.

(Note this is only open to those who took out their membership between 1st March 2017 and 31st July 2017 inclusively. Anybody joining KCC after 31st July 2017 should consider taking the opportunity to volunteer in the 2018 event)

As we all know volunteers are required to make this event happen so if someone did not volunteer in 2017 and don't volunteer in 2018 either, then 2019 will be their last chance to help out. However it may turn out that we are oversubscribed so we would probably have a “first come first served” volunteers list in 2019. ?

To offer your assistance for the Sportive Kinross on the 28th April 2018, please click on Sportive Volunteers and fill in the webmail, selecting Volunteer Organiser as the recipient


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