The results for Club Members Survey conducted last Sept can be viewed by clicking the link below.

First of all the Club Committee and Anne White in particular (who ran the survey) would like to express a huge thanks to all who took time out to complete the survey. The number of people who completed the survey was 79. This is a figure the club is absolutely delighted with.

The results of the survey are extremely interesting and if you read through it, it helps to form an overall view on the makeup of the club and amounst other things, it looks like there is quite a large number of people who would like to get more involved with the club.

The survey was conducted with anonymity in mind so that the answers could be frank and straight to the point. It is because of this that the results of the "Open-Ended" question 9  will not be disclosed as some answers may disclose the writer. However these answers will also help the club for its future direction.

Finally the Committee would like to thank Anne White for the time and work she put into it.


Members Survey Jan 2017


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