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Kinross Cycling Club (KCC) has a policy to provide Free or Discounted Kit to KCC Club Members who take part in Scottish Cycling or British Cycling accredited Race Events.

The Terms & Conditions are..

  1. The applicant MUST be a Member of Kinross Cycling Club.
  2. Kinross Cycling Club MUST be the applicants First Claim Club.
  3. Applications MUST be submitted by webmail to the Committee using the Contact Us page on the KCC website.
  4. Kit will be taken from existing stock. If there is no suitable sizes then kit will need to be ordered. In this case the applicant will have to wait until the next main KCC order. i.e. no special order will be placed for free / discounted kit
  5. Junior members (under 18s) qualify for a Free Jersey.
  6. Adult members qualify for up to a maximium of £70 discount from any single item of kit AFTER participating in 6 accreditied Race events in one Qualifing Year.
  7. It is expected that the Free / Discounted KCC kit wil be worn during the Accreditied Race Races.
  8. KCC committee reserves the right to withdraw the Free / Discounted kit offer at any time.


  • Accredited Race Events: Race event accredited by Scottish Cycling or British Cycling
  • Junior: Applicant who is under 18 years of age on the date that the appllication is submitted to the committee
  • Adult: Applicant who is 18 years old or over on the date that the appllication is submitted to the committee
  • Qualifing Year: From the day after the KCC Annual General Meeting (AGM), to the date of the AGM the following year. example (2nd March 2017 to 1st March 2018)



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