Can you believe we are at that time of year already, it is time to decide who’s your Rider of the Year for Kinross CC. Has a special member stood out for you, has another club member gone above and beyond to aid you in your cycling journey or has another members achievements left you in awe? 

Now is the time to vote for that member who you regard as your ROTY, and give them some extra kudos.  I am now asking you to consider and nominate a maximum of three people. The winner is determined by a points system:

1st choice (3 points)
2nd choice (2 points)
3rd choice (1 points) 

You don’t have to choose three people and here are ideas to help you choose:

  1. Someone who has been particularly friendly, mentoring and encouraging.
  2. Someone you feel has done a lot for the club and maybe the cycling community in general.
  3. Someone who’s cycling achievement, in your opinion, merits some recognition.
  4. Or absolutely any other reason that you feel fits this category.

When: Open Now, but Nominations close on Sunday 14th November @ 8pm.
How: Use the Webmail Form ... OR email your choices to

Please note ...

  • Only KCC members can vote
  • Only a first claim KCC member can be a winner.
  • nominations cannot be changed once submitted and will not be accepted after the deadline.

Thank you for voting and good luck to everyone. 


Sandi Currie (KCC Social Secretary)


Please make clear the points you assign each rider

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