This page is in development and will in time become a better guide for joining Zwift rides, where KCC members can "Meet Up" on the same ride.

This has been organised via a WhatsApp group called  "KCC Watopia Warriors". KCC members can join this group or create their own Meet Ups.

If you wish to join the WhatsApp group, simply post on the KCC Members Facebook page and the Group Admin (David H) will "PM" you 

Please do Not post your phone number on the KCC Members Facebook page.

Until this article is completed, here in the short term, is a link to the Zwift Insider website which explains 

  • How to Join a ride after an invite from an organiser
  • How to Join a ride having decided too late to take up that invite

one subtle difference between the two methods is that the invite method has a "keep group together option" which will help the group stay close to each other. If joining without the invite or the invite has expired, a rider can still Meet up but they may find that they "Yo-Yo" backwards and forwards within the group. 

Please note this is not a formal KCC organised i.e. (organised by the KCC Committee) it is more a case that any KCC Member could contact a club mate and have a meet up ride.





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